Welcome Calcutta Institute of Education
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About Us

Calcutta Institute of Education(CIE) is one of the renowned Teacher’s Training Institute in West Bengal which is a unit of Uluberia Rural Society for Care of Health and Research Development (URSCHARD). Under URSCHARD we have our Degree Engineering College, Diploma Engineering College and also having one of the oldest self financed Pharmacy college in West Bengal namely CIPT which offers degrees like M.Pharma. B.Pharma and D.Pharma.

We proudly announce that we have the best infrastructure, facilities of learning, proper student teacher ratio and had maintained all the norms and standards set by different councils. URSCHARD was incorporated in the year 1995

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Secretary's Message

Calcutta Institute of Education is situated in the midst of sylvan greens on the National Highway connecting Mumbai and Kolkata with its State-of- Art infrastructure and excellent learning facilities for Teacher’s Training programs. We aim to set academic benchmarks by virtue of our constant Endeavour to reach the zenith of academic brilliance. With a highly qualified Management team we are deeply committed to gradually transform our college to an index of academic excellence.

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